Site Acquisition

Skilled in wireless site identification, analysis and acquisition.  We handle all aspects of Site Acquisition, including title search, leasing, easements/right-of-way, zoning & permitting and project management. We procure and manage regulatory and engineering services and offer our clients ala carte or turnkey services for all pre-construction activities.  Finally, we understand and respect the importance of accurate forecasting and reporting. We consider them a priority as important as hitting the milestone itself.

Strategic services deployed

File Audits
Site Identification
Lease Negotiation and Execution
Secure Easements and ROW Agreements
Regulatory Compliance
Tracking and Reporting
Database Operation
Project Management
Project Close-out
Zoning Analysis
Application Preparation
In-person Application Representation
Zoning Representation
Expediting Services
Community Outreach
Building Permit Acquisition

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